Jane Sturgeon

Writer, Psychic Medium & Creative

Jane Sturgeon

My name is Jane and I was born in England and have seen and heard spirit since I was little. My teenage years were spent in Africa and I also lived in The States in my late twenties. I have worked as a systems analyst, trainer, technical author, furniture restorer and therapist. I live on the Wirral in England, next to the Irish Sea, and thrive by writing, creating and helping others to live a life they choose.

How May I Help You?

Your guides are always waiting for you to ask for help and guidance and as I connect with them, my guides are also there for you. They all come together to send their messages through my channel to you and everything is flowed with love and care.

I offer this service on a ‘pay what you can afford’ basis.


A mixture of stories, different life perspectives, thoughts, ideas, adventures, creativity and book reviews & interviews with fellow authors.