Freelance Writer

Jane is a Freelance Writer and Video Captioner who helps clients to create a professional and inviting presence through the written word.

With over ten years as a WP developer and blogger, Jane is experienced in content, proofreading, and video captioning (Happy Scribe).

Jane’s available for writing, storytelling and video captioning projects, as well as private consultations on anything that needs compelling words.

Planting Hope Courses

A series of courses to support, inspire and show different ways of tackling life’s challenges: making changes, self-talk, relationship breakdowns, comfort and creativity to name a few.

The first course ‘Seeds of Change‘ is now available and supports you to lift above the hubbub and make changes in your life in a manageable and loving way.


Daily Balm Collections of comforting messages, Writing on Water to support and guide with self-awareness. Life of Trees, Drops of Flowery Calm, Mirrored Reflections and Online Dating hints and tips created to offer inspiration and support.


A mixture of stories, different life perspectives, thoughts, ideas, adventures, creativity and book reviews & interviews with fellow authors.

Daily Balm

Daily Balm gifts an email to inspire, support, comfort and flow love into your daily round.