My name is Jane and I was born in England and have heard and seen spirit since I was little. My teenage years were spent in Africa and that taught me lessons on how we are all connected and about the importance of c0mmunity. I have worked as a systems analyst, technical writer, farm sitter, furniture restorer and therapist and I also spent a bit of time in The States in my mid-twenties. I now live on The Wirral in England, by the Irish Sea, and spend my days writing, making art and helping others to create the lives they choose.

My Passion

I believe that we all hold the keys to life within ourselves and I have been sharing how to find and use those inner gifts for over ten years.

By linking in with our spirit guides, you can see different perspectives and ways on how to bring about the changes you seek in yourself and your own life.

Our modern society bombards us with images and impressions that things happen instantly and this is a constant source of stress for many. However, as all gardeners know, seeds need to be planted in fertile soil and nurtured with patience, love and care. Courage is sometimes needed to re-arrange your life plants, even removing some completely. Life is about learning which plants work well for you and experimenting on the creation of a life garden that nourishes you.  There is no right or wrong, as you are an individual and have needs that are yours and yours alone. 

My hope is to help you discover your inner gifts and the plants that nurture you in your life garden.

My work

There are many blessings in working with spirit, writing and creating.

On my blog, I craft stories and share my thoughts, life perspectives, creativity and interviews and reviews with fellow authors.

I am currently exploring a new idea with my work.

It is all about the joy of exploring, discovering, learning new things and working with love to support others to live a life they choose.