An uplift of two views…

Tim and I curled up to read a book together at the weekend and slipped into a world that soothed and later sparked a loving conversation.

In the fifties, two gentle souls met and formed a friendship that lasted over thirty years as they shared their passion for steam and railways. The Rev. W. (Wilbert) Awdry is best known for his wonderful creation and books about Thomas The Tank Engine, which started life as stories he crafted for his children. One of his dear friends, The Rev. E.R. (Teddy) Boston, presided over his flock from Cadeby Rectory, Leicestershire, where he had a narrow-gauge railway in the garden and a wonderful collection of steam engines. What flowed from both men was quiet, deep compassion for others and their lives. A simple and loving purpose to gift care, bedded in their faith.

On Sunday, we travelled to a narrow-gauge railway deep in Derbyshire to help other volunteers running two trains for anyone who wished to travel to another world for a little while. Steeple Grange railway, nestling in the Peaks, is a magical place and the sun graced us all day with her warmth. The Steeplehouse and Dark Lane limestone quarries fell silent decades ago, gracing the railway line with rock sides and nature’s abundance in and amongst the trees. The heart memories are of the peace and the lovely people who gathered together with smiles, team effort, happy children and adults transported back to their childhood.

I am blessed to have a balance of different views and perspectives that I trust in my life. Tim has an open and abundant heart and always considers any opinions and ideas. I value his perspectives and advice, so when I had the idea of running a weekly advice column on my blog, it felt natural to ask him to join me. So, each Friday, there will be questions and replies from Tim and myself. You are welcome to send any query you wish by email to We will keep your identity private and I will post the questions and our replies starting this Friday.

32 thoughts on “An uplift of two views…”

    1. Thank you, Alethea. I am deeply grateful to Tim. My daughter loved Thomas the Tank Engine when she was little. I feel he brought joy to many children and parents. Much <3 to you. Xxx

  1. One thing that strikes me here is the healing of the earth (the abandoned quarries) that takes place when the people and especially the children, enjoy the silence of this place, and feel their hearts unburdened by the simple joys and loving in this natural setting πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸΎ

  2. How natural for you to choose to do something so giving at a time when people need help with so many questions. I wish you and your venture the bestt of luck.
    Massive Hugs

  3. petespringerauthor

    Sounds like a great idea for a two for one special of advice, Jane. I remember reading Thomas the Train to my son (now 28) when he was little. It does my heart good to know that he enjoys reading today.

    1. Hello Pete, it is the greatest gift to show our children the joy of reading. Thomas the Tank Engine are special books and my daughter (also 28) loved them too. Hugs to you all. Xxx

  4. How wonderful to hear about the creator of Thomas the Tank Engine! So many happy memories!
    And how wonderful also for your partnership!

  5. What a lovely connection Jane. I for one am looking forward to your new Q and A Friday series. Warm hugs flowing over to you my unicorn buddy. Flowing love <3 xoxo

  6. Oh Jane, this is a lovely post! I have spent many happy hours visiting different railways and heritage steam and diesel events with Richard. I also enjoyed your first Q and A advice column especially your contrasting styles and approach. Tim very much to the point and your more detailed answers. Well done both of you!
    Love and big hugs Clare xxXXxx <3 <3 <3

    1. Lovely Clare, thank you. It was a special day at the railway and I can see why you have special memories from your outings. Your loving support is much appreciated on our Q & A column. Much love and many hugs flowing to you all. Xxx 3 Xxx <3

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