Apologies for all the emails and re-posts this morning…

I am sorry for all the re-posts and emails you have received this morning. It’s a technical hitch from a knowledge gap on my part and I am grateful to my buddy Sally Cronin, for liking the re-posts and alerting me before I did too many.

The posts Import from my old blog did not go smoothly and I have now discovered how to tidy them up on my web site, without sharing them all publically! If you are imagining a facepalm at this end, then you are ‘spot on’.


39 thoughts on “Apologies for all the emails and re-posts this morning…”

  1. I didn’t get any either, but glad you figured it out, Jane. Gotta love technology glitches! Love and hugs to you for a wonderful weekend. ????

  2. Who among us, I dare say, has not suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous cyber fortune? Computers are at once the lifeblood and the scourge of our existence.

    So glad you are back and all went well otherwise with your move.

    Cheers from Covid-19 ground zero. We persist against all odds.

    1. Hello my Bro, thank you for your loving support. Just to put the ‘tin lid’ on it, WP put your comment into spam! Much love flowing to you both, always. <3 <3

  3. Loving your new site Jane.. And no emails so I re-registered just in case.. But your website told me I was already a member .. 🙂 So all is well…. 🙂 <3

    I doubt there is ever no glitches in these things, And I love your lay out, your posters, cards and reading invites…

    And look forward to more beautiful wisdom from you Jane..

    Love and Hugs my friend <3

    1. Your loving thoughts and support mean more than I can say, dearest Sue. Thank you, very much. Your comment about not receiving emailed blog posts has taught me something new and I have fixed it….you have to giggle. What a project this has been. Huge amounts of love flowing to you both, always. You are special to me and many others. <3 <3 <3

      1. Yeah!!! Wonderful I get your replies which is a huge bonus. Good to know all is now fixed, and the sun has had its hat in today as well. Who could ask for more. Love right back at you. ????????????

  4. Technical difficulties can be so frustrating. You are not alone in that. One step at at time, taking care of yourself along the way. <3

  5. Hi Jane; what a lovely-looking website! All your hard work in setting this up must be worth it for the convenience of having everything together in one place. (I never got any re-posts either, if that is useful to you still.) I loved your newsletter, especially the Rowan story. I love Rowan trees and have one in my garden. Unfortunately, it never has many berries on it despite lots of blossom.
    I wish you such happiness in your new home and lots of luck with this new website. Love and hugs xxXXxx <3 <3 <3

    1. Thank you, lovely Clare. Yes, your feedback is useful and thank you for your loving comments about my web site and newsletter. I wonder how many berries there will be this year after June’s sunshine and now July’s rain?
      Much <3 flowing to you all, always and happy gardening. <3 <3 <3

    1. I think a lot of hiccups are down to my knowledge gaps. They are quickly getting filled and I know you know this!! Huge hugs to you both, my unicorn buddy with much love. <3 <3 xXx

    1. That’s funny, Mike. A familiar expression of mine lately is ‘Ohh, you’re kidding me on!’ and then I tell myself that eating chocolate will not fix whatever it is…. Thank you for your kind thoughts. I appreciate them and you. Much love flowing to you both. <3 X

    1. Hello lovely Pam, my language here wasn’t so sweet and I felt the need to apologise to my neighbours. Fortunately, they hadn’t heard a thing. Much <3 flowing to you all. Xx

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