Writing on Water: Self-awareness, Daily Balm Collections, Life of Trees, Drops of Flowery Calm, Mirrored Reflections & Online Dating eBooks created with love to support, inspire and flow comfort into your daily round.

Writing on Water – Self Awareness

Each one of us holds stories about ourselves and these drive our lives. Thoughts are attached to emotions and actions spring from how we feel. Old stories can be re-written, new stories can be crafted and discoveries are made along the way. It is the tapestry of life and yes, you can weave with whatever threads you choose. Loving support, fresh perspectives and new life tools can make all the difference.

Daily Balm Collections

Monthly collections of messages created to bring comfort and inspiration into your daily round.


Life of Trees, Drops of Flowery Calm, Mirrored Reflections and Online Dating

Life of Trees, Drops of Flowery Calm and Mirrored Reflections hold stories of comfort and inspiration, centred in nature. Sparks of nature nestled within, created to bring calm and support into your daily round. 

Online Dating Hints and Tips for entering into the digital dating world.