Daily Balm…

I was digging a new flowerbed at dusk

surrounded by a blackbird’s joyful song.

Singing with no thought of anything

Simply for the sheer joy of being herself.


I have started to send an email with a few words of soothing love for each day.

“I trust myself”

Deeply loving words.


If you wish to receive it, the subscription link is below:

Jane Sturgeon – Daily Balm

40 thoughts on “Daily Balm…”

    1. Thank you, Brad. I’m just about to head out there before the rain comes today to get some more weeding done. Wishing you a lovely weekend. Xx with hugs Xx

  1. Wonderful words. We could take nature as an example. Everything happens just because of a natural purpose all creatures follow not because they want to achieve something. Maybe that is why it fills us with joy and energy.
    Thank you, Jane. I will, of course, sign up right away.

    1. Erika, you are lovely, Thank you for your kind words and support. Yes, nature is a wonderful example of just being what she is. Wishing you a lovely weekend with hugs. Xx <3

      1. Thank you so much, Jane, Have a lovely weekend yourself. Thank you also for your lovely offer of your Daily Balm. I enjoyed the first one this morning πŸ™πŸ’–

  2. Birdsong is a good morning pick-me-up!
    I never hear sighing and sobbing as in the song:
    “All the birds in the air were a sighing and a sobbing
    When they heard of the death of poor Cock Robin”

    1. Jane, I remember that song and I remember the rare times when the birds are silent, but like you say, not sighing and sobbing.
      Hugs to you both
      Xxx <3

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