Our teddies nestle together and Tim’s precious Blue Ted needs loving care. Tim has saved one of his Dad’s handkerchiefs, and I have promised to create a new tummy for Blue Ted with it. I offered to do a complete re-build; cleaning and re-stuffing him, and Tim’s face fell.

‘I love him, just as he is.’

I can create a new tummy for him from his Dad’s handkerchief, without changing him in any other way. With loving energy, I spoke to Tim about doing this when I have time without pressure or distraction. Blue Ted is not a job to be done in a rush or another thing on a ‘to-do’ list.

There have been many distractions lately and a lot of it has come from a few souls who need to create chaos in order to feel they are alive. It is wearing for us, as we choose a calmer way of being. It also plays havoc with our workflow and creativity. Tim and I work side by side in our Railway Room and as with all things in life, it’s a juggle on how this flows.

We hold each other safely and with love which nurtures a durable peace for us. Handling the distractions and deliberate attempts to disrupt our flow has been a work-in-progress. Others make their choices on how they live each day, and we have decided it only impacts our flow when we let it in. We have discovered that dealing with the distraction by taking action on a practical level, having a quick chat to vent the feelings it triggered and then making a fresh cup of tea; gifts the space to let it flow through. Tim takes a few minutes to look at steam engines and dreams of the fairs we are planning to attend next year, and is grateful for the lovely souls who share his passion. I read or listen to some soothing words from lovely souls like Erika in Switzerland, Jude in America and Dawn in Yorkshire and knit a few more rows of a sock.

Balance is restored.

Our minds are quiet.

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  1. Thanks Jane for your practical tips for those who are drawn to helping others. I have struggled with other’s chaos at times. I use the method that you do, venting and then moving forward to find peace. I appreciate your wisdom. Many Blessings, Lisa xoxo

  2. Negativity has a way of disrupting …but your way of handling the chaos is exactly what is needed!
    Don’t be messing with our Jane and Tim!
    Enjoy your week without chaos!

  3. petespringerauthor

    I think it’s interesting how some people choose to live their lives with the need for drama and chaos. I operate from the same principles as the two of you—peace, open but sensitive communication, and getting along. Who needs all the added stress? Life is hard enough without it.

  4. There truly is so much distraction lately, general and targeted distraction. When I read your words, I felt like being pulled into a bubble. A bubble where there is silence, where time stands still, where only “being” matters. An island of peace inside the storm. And when I cam to the last lines you brought tears to my eyes. 💖Much love to you, dear Jane and Tim 💖

  5. There are always a few who delight in disruption. I think its because they are unable to confront the issues they face in life and their irritating nature is just a cry for help as they seek ways to deal with those issues.

  6. I am very happy that you have found a loving partner, Jane. Life is a series of disruptions that must be overcome for all of us. If you have children at home and parents in a cottage in your garden, the disruptions are many and continuous and the peace rare.

  7. “Balance is restored. Our minds are quiet.” I am exhaling with you, Jane, feeling the calm flow through me as my husband and I have also had a similar distraction recently. It is unfortunate how some create chaos for others simply to get attention. Our reactions are always the bottom line – to somehow stay calm and breathe. Thank you for this soothing post and I send love and hugs to you both. xoxox

    1. Lovely Lauren, I am sorry you have had this flow through too. I understand why they do it, but the lack of self awareness and not seeing any need for reflection in how their actions cause chaos, can be so unsettling. I am not sure who said it, but I have found the words ‘Every storm runs out of rain’ comforting. Much love and many hugs flowing to you both, always. xXx <3 <3

      1. I find comfort in that phrase, too, Jane. And I have the same understanding, but with same unsettling conclusion. Moving forward and staying calm. Love and hugs back to you! 🤗🧡🍂🍁🌻

  8. You two are blessed to have your lovely connection. There’s always someone out there ready to destroy something peaceful these days it seems. Stay in the light you two. Love conquers all. <3 xoxo

    1. Several times this weekend, we said your words to each other about staying in our loving light. You are so right, lovely UB. Much love flowing to you, always. <3 Xxx <3

  9. What a difficult time you’ve both been having lately! I am pleased you have found a way to cope with your disruptions but it must be exhausting and unsettling especially when you know that these episodes will continue to occur. I hope you continue to find the strength to weather the storm. Love and hugs xxXXxx <3 <3 <3

    1. Thank you, Clare, for your thoughtful comment. This storm will run out of rain. It is only a matter of time. We wrap each other and our loved ones in love and carry on. Much love flowing to you and yours, always. <3 xXx <3 <3

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