Feather clouds…

It is school half-term and since summer has suddenly arrived, so have the holiday makers.

A few evenings ago, it was still baking hot when I arrived at the beach and I got some surprised looks from everyone wearing as little as possible, as I walked across the beach fully clad in a wet suit. It’s lovely in the shallows, but further out it’s cold. It is also surprisingly quiet as the noise of the beach recedes and all you hear out there are the birds.

As I walked down to the sea I met some lovely people and paused as two little girls showed the shells they had collected and chatted happily about their day. A chap wanted to share his early memories of living here, as he was visiting his parents and celebrating his daughter’s birthday on the beach. He had moved away to Manchester over thirty years ago and was stunned by how much this area has changed. We watched the kite surfers and talked about the swimmers and all the different things that happen here now. He was filled with boy-like energy and almost dancing on his feet as he talked and his wife looked on in amusement.

It was different again yesterday, as I arrived later on in the evening to a quiet scene with a lone fisherman further down the beach and a few folks out walking with their dogs.

I discovered that the bright pink safety inflatable I have strapped to me, which holds my car keys, also doubles as a pillow. The swell was up and I lay on my back bobbing over the waves, watching the wispy clouds and listening to the birds.

Completely restored I returned home. <3

52 thoughts on “Feather clouds…”

    1. Nature’s abundance. Lovely to hear from you Nancy and I hope your lake stay continues happily. I love seeing your pictures. Much <3 to you both. Xxx

  1. Thank you for your lovely post on feather clouds……………I love it and can imagine lying on the ocean looking into the sky……beautiful xx

  2. I love this kinds of relaxing moments. Beach time is priceless. I wish I had one close but I enjoy it even more whenever I get the chance to be at one.

  3. petespringerauthor

    We live only a few miles away from the ocean. It’s far too cold here to go into the water for more than a few seconds without a wetsuit. I do some of my best thinking at the beach, so your post connected with me, Jane.

  4. its been a gorgeous spring here as well, though being a “Long Islander” reading this makes me long for the water … it is a soulful thing ! I am sure the waters were healing … <3

  5. Your post is wonderful, Jane. The gentle tale from both the days whilst traversing the beach, the people you met. The feeling of silence and relaxation on the sea itself. That is what dreams are made of.


  6. Your story resonates with me. While I was brought up in a country town we would often migrate to this seaside area on holidays and weekends. I learned to water ski here as a teenager. It was a lonely family oriented coastline in my growing up days but life happens and it was only after returning to Australia after thirty years in Asia and travelling the world that I gravitated back here and watched in alarm as this once family friendly hundred miles of coastline morphed into a vast concrete jungle of houses, industry and commerce. But the Pacific Ocean is still beautiful and unspoiled and those clouds you refer to are still glorious when one takes time to relax and contemplate the wonderful skyline.

    1. They call it progress, Ian, yet nature manages to find a way through. I read a thoughtful story recently about the migrating whales in Australian waters and how progress and the ghost nets from huge fishing trawlers cause such havoc to their natural rhythms.

      Hugs for you both. Xxx <3

    1. Thank you, lovely Lauren. My mind keeps returning there and I have to bring my focus back to what I am actually doing. Always calmer though. Much love and hugs for you all. <3 Xxxx

  7. That sounds just lovely, Jane. There’s something about the beach and the sea that relaxes us. Perhaps our original home calls to us. Enjoy the gentle waves and warm sand..

  8. Well, what’s not to like? We’re certainly enjoying a beautiful overture to summer this year, aren’t we? I do miss the sea! Many happy evenings like this, Jayne – love from the chilly east! Fred

    1. What a glorious time we are having and how welcome it is. The hills look like waves don’t they? Much love flowing to you all, Fred and strokes for Honey. <3 Xxx

  9. The beach has it’s own special magic. Thank you for sharing it and the beautiful clouds. I have thought about getting a wetsuit so I can swim here on the other side of the big pond earlier in the year.

      1. Thanks for the encouragement to get a wet suit. I swim in the ocean June through September. The other eight months are uncomfortably cold. September can be lovely. It’s wonderful to be enveloped in water. 🙂 <3 xxx

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