Gratitude to Colleen Chesebro for her loving review of ‘Drops of Flowery Calm’

I opened my Inbox to find a lovely surprise today. On Colleen Chesebro’s magical blog there was a post sharing her kind thoughts and a loving review for my book ‘Drops of Flowery Calm’.

Colleen’s blog is a wonderful mixture of poetry, writing, her books and reviews for her fellow authors.

To Colleen, my love, always. Xx <3

39 thoughts on “Gratitude to Colleen Chesebro for her loving review of ‘Drops of Flowery Calm’”

  1. Congrats again my lovely buddy. I will get there eventually. How lovely to receive this beautiful review from Colleen. <3 xxx Bask! <3

    1. Toni, thank you and I am deply grateful to Colleen for her thoughtful review. Much <3 flowing to you. I loved the picture of your grandson's first birthday. Xx

  2. Just a beautiful review from Colleen Jane and most deserving too my friend… Your talents know no end… ???????? Sending you so much love Jane… And thank you for your patience in your pending comments over at Dreamwalker’s I had a special little girl visiting 🙂 that needed attention 🙂
    Love and Hugs your way <3

    1. Aww, I am so glad you girls had time together, Sue. That is wonderful. There is never a rush between us, my love. <3 Thank you for your kind thouhts and words. Your loving energy is so appreciated. <3 xXx <3 <3

      1. Sending love right back Jane …. Battening down the hatches today as we tied up things secure preparing for high winds tomorrow… Its blown the cobwebs away today.. Much love <3

        1. Thank you for alerting me to an incoming storm, Sue. I had no idea, but that’s what comes from not watching the news or reading it! 😉 I hope your plants fare well. Much love flowing to you both. <3 <3 Xxx <3

          1. Hubby is my weather barometer, he always keeps eye on weather news.. 🙂 It was quite rough here but more settled today 🙂 hugs back to you Jane <3

          2. There’s a wet and wild storm flowing through today, Sue, so I hope you have battened down the hatches. Much <3 flowing to you both, always. <3 <3 Xxxxxxxx

          3. Phew yes,that was some storm, ripped a neighbours felting clean off his shed roof. We had a few potplants tip over, our wheelbarrow took a spin by itself half way down the driveway lol, but I had managed to tie alot of plants up. But it was fierce. Sending thoughts back Jane and thank you. ????

  3. Hi Jane,

    I just realized that your book only comes in e-book form? Or does it come in paperback, which is what I’d want? I haven’t entered the world of e-books yet…so please let me know. Hugs, Lauren xo

    1. Oh my lovely, no I haven’t published it in paperback yet. I could email you the PDF file as a gift, but that’s only if you want to read it on your PC/device? <3 <3 <3

      1. Ahh, I would’ve loved to have seen your beautiful paperback in my coffee table book collection. Okay, if you want to email as a PDF file, you can, but I feel weird not paying for it. 🙂 Maybe next book you publish will be a paperback? I can’t wait to begin reading, so I do appreciate this option. And whenever you have the time. Happy Friday, dear friend. xoxo

        1. Lovely Lauren, thank you. <3 It is a booklet and you have sparked a new idea with your thoughts, for which I am grateful. Wishing you all a lovely weekend and wrapping you all in much love. <3 <3 <3 xxxx

  4. Hi Jane,

    I read your book and will enjoy reading it over and over again. It is a remedy for when we become buried under layers of living, as you wrote. I found solace in your poetic narrative, your beautiful memories, and vivid descriptions. The way you describe each color and its meaning is brilliant, and by including poetry of renowned poets such as Emily Dickinson, you offer a lovely bonus to the reader. The flowers are absolutely gorgeous, too.

    My mom who passed away in 2012 loved pink roses, so the line below evoked precious memories:
    “The pink rose flows with femininity, elegance, sweetness and refinement.”

    I also love your purple hydrangeas. Our garden is blessed with these blossoms as well and they are truly favorites of mine.

    Thank you again for compiling this stunning piece of art, poetry, and prose that will provide serenity eternally.

    Sending much love to you, my friend.
    ~Lauren ????????

    1. Lauren, I am so touched by your thoughtfulness, words and loving heart. I so appreciate you taking the time to write this message, which I will treasure.

      I am wrapping you in much love and tenderness for your precious memories.

      <3 <3 Thank you. <3 <3

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