Butterfly Box Planting

‘Letting go’ and perspectives on it…

The phrase ‘letting go’ can trigger emotions and flip any of us into reactive mode instantly and I feel I have misunderstood the term for many years.

When I first moved here I thought the butterfly planting boxes needed painting and I ordered some paint online. When it arrived I looked at the colour (which was not as expected), checked in with my creative daughter on a video call and she agreed that it was way off being a natural colour. I had thought of a pale sky blue and this was an ‘in your face’ bright blue. So, I let the planters be, discovered some trays of geraniums and busy lizzies in a local supermarket for a bargain price, weeded the planters, turned the coir matting around, added some new compost that a previous neighbour had kindly left behind and planted them up. Thrushes and blackbirds have been borrowing some of the coir matting for their nests and the geraniums are shooting up to share their blooms with my lovely neighbours.

A few weeks after moving home my Dad asked how my earnings were going in my new home and if my previous streams of income were still running? My reply was a bit vague and I had to admit I wasn’t sure how things would pan out. I had a deep knowing that all was well, yet I couldn’t explain it in practical terms. I knew I needed to create a new web site with every service and product I offered on it and the work I did for a writing agency based in London needed pondering on, but beyond that the picture wasn’t clear.

I let go of any expectations on outcome, trusted my inner knowing and set about understanding the technology I needed to learn to create a new site.

In the midst of this there were other forms of ‘letting go’ rising up. My first husband from forty years ago got in touch for a catch-up, which is what we did. In the process, letting go of perceptions of the people we were all those years ago and allowing space for the people we are now. An old boyfriend called after a few years of silence and we also had a catch-up. At the end of the call, he wanted to meet and I declined, as nothing has changed for him. I saw a cycle of the same old patterns repeating which does not honour either of us. His call stirred up some emotional dust within and I found myself thinking of past hurts during that relationship.

‘Thanks for breaking my long held pattern of romantic rescuing.’ I said to him in my head each time I caught myself dwelling on an old memory.

That choice and action gifted me a ‘letting go’ and I realised I had held the expectation that one day he would apologise. Regardless of whether that happens or not, the memories have stopped rising up.

With my work, the web site is up and running, which is a joy. It has also attracted interest in an unexpected way and I have been asked to create a web site for an event and project that holds much heart importance for those involved. I am also flowing with the editing and structure of a manuscript that is a life’s work for another soul and so much a part of him, that I am humbled each time we flow together. I have been too busy to work for the agency in London, which is purely commission based, and ‘out of the blue’ an agency in Europe has suggested I work for them writing articles and they will pay on a ‘per article’ basis.

At a weekend retreat ten years ago, I entered into a debate with a Reiki master, as she insisted that unless we clearly visualised the outcomes we wanted, things could not come into being. I shared that I felt the energy of expectations could block all sorts of things from coming into being, whereas if we focussed on feelings, rather than actual pictures, it allowed life to flow and manifest in a different way. There is no right or wrong here, however, as I trust the knowing within, I ponder on the energy of feelings from where we are now, as we create the new and then go on to live with the outcomes of our choices.

55 thoughts on “‘Letting go’ and perspectives on it…”

  1. Warmed my heart, Jane. Letting go is a blessed process, not easy, but blessed. Thank you. ♥

  2. Just saw the little waves coming to shore and receding as I read your words. Beautiful as ever, timely reminder that all is moving as it is meant and only letting go allows the process unimpeeded.love

  3. An article which, as I expect you realize, hits pretty close to home for me. I could write a response of similar length just for starters.
    I’m grateful for your perspective, here. It truly does help.

  4. I agree that we don’t have to have a clear vision for our outcomes. During my lonely years, I imagined someone who would bring feelings of comfort and joy into my life. (While creating my own comfort and joy regardless.) It turned out that the divine plan was better than anything I would have clearly visualized and brought plenty of additional comfort and joy. I like that term, “emotional dust.” Dust is easier to let go of or wisk away than baggage. 🙂 So glad things are flowing well for you!

  5. It sounds like some lovely things are happening, Jane – so enjoyed reading this post. I agree with you – focus on feelings and our own wholeness, and then those outcomes will manifest themselves. Toni x

  6. I like the idea of feelings rather than expectations, Jane. The latter disappoint too easily if plans go awry. Lovely post, dear friend. Love and hugs, Lauren xo

  7. Oh Jane I loved this. I am waiting for my moment when some doors will open for me, just the same way they are beautifully falling into place for you. I love the inspiration I get when I visit you here. Stay blessed my Lovely. <3 xxx

    1. My unicorn buddy, I feel your energy and as always, you are filled with love. Sparkly energy for you, always and thank you. I feel the energy flowing for you. (p.s. I found this ;-)) We are the girls. <3 <3 <3

  8. Thank you for this, Jane. Interesting that two men from your past popped up around the same time. Maybe to clear the air for a new relationship? 🙂

    I think you may be right about visualizations being too focused may close our minds to opportunities that we may overlook. But strong feelings or expectations of good coming our way opens up a whole clear realm of possibility.

    1. I love your comment, Deborah and I also chuckled. I have been so busy with my home move and spinning work plates, that romance has not been something I have thought about. 😉 We can feel good energy though can’t we, even though it may not be here yet? Your instincts are ‘spot on’. Much love flowing to you. <3 Xx

  9. Jane, I just came across this post for the 2nd time and didn’t see my comment. Can you check if I’ve jumped into your spam? xxx

  10. So loved this Jane… And I see why our paths crossed… Our energy so similar in So many ways… Love your busy lizzies, I have filled my front garden border with them along with begonias .. And their colours certainly brighten up any dull day.

    And how wonderful others were thinking of you, and how wise you were to notice repeated patterns serve no one..

    Letting go has been one of the biggest life lessons for myself Jane.. and when you TRUST in that life’s flow, living in the moment KNOWING as we often do… all is well, and all will work out exactly as it is meant to..
    Then we breathe that feeling into being.. And so it is.

    So good to hear offers have also poured in from other sources… Big smiles, and Mega Hugs dearest Jane…
    So happy you have a lawn with which you can walk bare foot too 🙂

    All things come to us, when we are in the flow of letting go and altering perspectives. 🙂

    Much love my lovely 🙂 ????????????

    1. Dearest Sue, I feel our energy flows together in many ways too. There are shrubs in the front garden border here which have run amock and got lost together. One side hedge has taken on ‘triffid-like’ growth and roots are springing up in the side path. I stood there quietly on Sunday and a neighbour joined me. I can ‘see’ pink rose bushes..just that…in the front. How I clear this lot will come to me!

      On the ‘letting go’ front, yes, it has been one of my biggest life lessons. I am still processing it. The work offers have changed shape and I am flowing with what I have learned in accepting things are they unfold. Popping outside to listen to the birds, feel the breeze, walk on the lawn and, this will make you chuckle, digging the flowerbeds out in one go is hard, so I am doing them in stages and planting the plants and shrubs my Mum is gifting me one by one. It will all develop into whole beds, just in stages. Stages that my back can manage. It does me a world of good to be outside for a little while at various times during the day.

      All is well and the universe has our backs.

      Much love flowing to you both on nature’s breeze. <3 Xxx <3 <3

      1. That sounds good Jane, little and often is how we work the plot we work for half hour then rest for five in seats we have we pull out of the shed.
        Today I pulled up the last of our three pea rows now finished . Pulling dried pods to save as seeds. ( I feel the need to save our own seeds) that inner intuition always guiding. Like I feel the need to stock up on bulk none perishables for the store cupboard too!!. Just a feeling!
        My back knew my mornings hard work. But I like you stagger going outside I’m always pottering, snipping, pulling weeds, or just sat day dreaming on the swing.
        When we respect nature, it’s amazing how much we get rewarded ????????????
        Have a lovely afternoon. ????

        1. I too have been saving Lupin seeds, like you say, just a feeling. I too have a feeling about our wider challenges. You have a swing <3 I am wishing you both a lovely afternoon. <3 <3 <3

  11. Jane, I love your website and blog. It’s like an oasis. The energy here feels so nourishing, clear and soothing to me. As for your wisdom, it’s simply sublime! I can feel your attunement to higher consciousness. Your instincts on your old bf and the term “emotional dust” really resonated — it seems he was stuck in a time warp and we don’t need anyone kicking up that dust. I had the same experience recently during a reconnection. Much love to you, MW ????

    1. MW, I am humbled by your words and it is no surprise that we shared a similar experience recently. There has been a lot of old patterns rising to be finally released hasn’t there? Much <3 flowing to you with sparklies. <3 Xxx <3

  12. A lovely post, Jane. Something that I needed to hear and reflect on as life progresses with less predictability than it did a year ago. I like your conversation with the Reiki person. I also agree with both approaches. But it seems right now, that focusing on specifics isn’t going to work well and manifesting the way we want to feel might be more successful. It’s good to hear that letting go has created something new and satisfying for you. And your planter is beautiful!

    1. Hello Diana, WP hid your comment, which is not helpful of them. You have shared a lovely insight here and yes, specifics are in short supply at the moment. Trusting and nurturing of loving energy is what I keep coming back too. The unfolding that was happening here changed shape and I had to think (and feel) on my feet. It’s no wonder folk are afraid right now. Thank goodness for the loving energy in our Global village on here. Much <3 to you, always. Xx

      1. WordPress sometimes thinks I’m a spammer, especially on blog-days when I leave lots of comments. Lol. Yeesh. I’m used to it. Have a wonderful Friday and weekend full of love and creativity. <3

        1. It’s done it again, Diana. That’s WP on the naughty step! Wishing you a wonderful weekend filled with sparkly energy. <3 Xx

  13. Jane, this is such an interesting post, I wonder why I didn’t comment on it last week when I read it first! Letting go; yes, you are right – it’s a phrase that seems to imply something negative when in reality it’s such a positive action that frees us from pain, anger and time-wasting! If it is to work there can’t be half-measures – we have to let all of it go, freely, and then we experience that wonderful feeling of freedom, of being able to breathe again.
    Your post shows different ways we can ‘let go’. Trusting that feeling that all is well; not needing to get bogged-down with the details and just ‘winging-it’, as they say. Letting go of old grievances and futile hopes that cause us so much pain. Being open to new suggestions and new paths that aren’t quite what we had originally planned for.
    This is such a positive and life-affirming read, Jane!
    Hugs and love xx <3 <3 <3 xx

    1. You are so lovely, Clare and thank you for all your thoughts and insight. I feel that sometimes it isn’t a ‘one off’ either. I guess it depends how deeply layered the pain is. I found myself getting frustrated one day this week when an event kicked up some dust (which I thought was gone) and a broken night’s sleep meant I struggled to find my balance. I was unable to process it and let it flow through till I’d had some more sleep. When we get caught up, pushing ourselves to let go just adds to the pressure I guess. Letting it be till I found my balance helped.
      You are so lovely. Much love and sparkly thoughts flowing to you, Clare, for you and your loved ones. <3 <3 xXx <3

    1. Thank you, Brigid. I applaud your embracing change and being open to possibilities. It takes courage and I feel you have that in spades… <3 to you, always. Xx

  14. IAM delighted to come over to your blog Jane, and what a beautiful blog you have created, serene and bright❤️ Clearly sharing with the world all that you are. IAM sure you’re going to bring in all the perfect things for you to play with and make a difference!

    I agree to allowing exactly how our desires come into our life’s… to divine perfection. Just as long we have the initial intention and feel the joy it brings us❤️

    AND letting go, I feel the deeper we go the more we get to release, it’s become quite a part of my life and leave my body/mind empty for more light to anchor and guide me in each moment.

    Sending love, Barbara x

    1. Thank you, Barbara. <3 For being you, taking the time to visit and read and for your thoughtful comments. I appreciate everything you have said. <3 Here's to joy, BEing and connection. <3 Much love flowing to you, always. <3 Xxx

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