Life’s nectar…

My neighbour has a beautiful climbing hydrangea that is tumbling over the wall and covered with bees and butterflies. It is a delight to listen to their buzz and watch the activity through my workspace window. Here we are blessed with garden walls that have purple campanula, fuchsias, jasmine and roses just coming into bloom. Nature’s gifts being shared and even though my thoughtful neighbours say I can prune as I need to, I’m not going anywhere near this abundance with secateurs.

As Covid restrictions ease, a few libraries have opened on The Wirral for an ‘order and collect’ service. It is thoughtfully arranged and you can order up to eight books at a time for three weeks; requesting particular books, books by certain authors or books from different genres. The librarians choosing will check to see if you have borrowed them before and just to make sure they offer you the choice of putting back any duplicates when you collect your order. It’s a wonderful service they are offering and has gifted Mum and me an absorbing read each this week.

In one of the online courses being created, I have been writing a module on distractions. It has been an eye-opener on how, where and what I distract myself with and the impact of outside influences. A salutary lesson in how to be aware of what I say and applying suggestions to me before I share them with others. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Summer has started and the weather is glorious. High tide times for swimming are out of sync with my work schedule this week, so I have been rewarding myself with pottering in the garden as I log off each day.

There have also been sweet moments in creating socks from the leftover balls of yarn from other pairs made. Some wild colour combinations bursting forth, depending on how much yarn there is on each ball. Photos may be shown of the finished socks in future posts.

A recent letter about a safety recall on the car’s airbags stated they needed changing and an automotive association was instructed by the manufacturer to carry out the work and make an appointment with me. The road I live on is one-way and not a place for any kind of mechanical work and I don’t have a driveway. I bobbed into the local Co-Op grocery store and asked the manager there if I could use the bottom of their car park. He was more than happy to oblige and joked about me leaving a glowing review online for his store. The work was carried out effortlessly and I popped a homemade cake in to flow my gratitude. I also made him laugh when I mentioned that the words I’d written online for his store and team positively glowed. I didn’t say what he had done, just in case it got him into trouble, just waxed lyrical about what a happy and helpful team they were. He asked what else he could for me with a gleam of future cake in his eye.

Mum and I shared a spontaneous tea yesterday evening and fruit scones with clotted cream and raspberry jam were present. No, I didn’t make them. They were bought from the Co-Op. <3

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  1. I’m glad you have access to the library and more freedoms Jane. Thankfully, we had online and pick up services at the library for most of the pandemic. It sounds like a blooming arrangement with the coop!

  2. What a lovely, enjoyable picture you paint, Jane, one full of colour and perfume. I’m lucky myself to have a climbing hydrangea which is mixing with a red climbing rose, delivering a heady fragrance that carries away all the ills of the day. I hope your union with the Co-Op continues and your yearly dividend be huge.

  3. Sounds as though your river of life has found itโ€™s course again, as you always do! Spring has been fine here as well, though I notice our crab apple dropping leaves and my friend the Douglas fir that give so much shade and coolness to my garage and drive, has culled many of its cones this year. Has to be more about climate than water table. Iโ€™m watching for more signs. So glad you and your Mum are settling in, nothing better than time enough for tea. Stay well. Hugs โ€ฆ gfs

    1. Hello lovely gfs, yes, I’ve found my flow again. <3 There are changes showing themselves and I am watching too, as are many others I am sure. Time for tea is such a comfort. Much love flowing to you both, always. <3 Xxxxx

  4. Lovely life in all aspects, Jane. Beautiful blooms, tea, and yummy cake and scones. Sounds like perfection to me. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hugs! ๐Ÿ’—๐ŸŒบ๐Ÿฆ‹๐ŸŒป

  5. I enjoyed the happy flow of this post and urge you to share some sock photographs. Right now at the possible approaching end to our global pandemic I am thankful to Covid for renewing Dan and my gardening spirits. This spring and summer it is the most beautiful that it has ever been. The Amaryllis were spectacular and now the Day Lilies give us a different show every day. What beauty.
    Keep your posts coming.

    1. Jane, thank you and I am so glad you and Dan have re-discovered your joy of gardening. To have Amaryllis growing outside is a wonder and they are beautiful blooms and Day Lilies too. How lovely. Nature’s beauty. Much love and hugs flowing to you both and thank you for your kind words. <3 Xx

  6. How nice to have neighbors with an overflowing garden, Jane. Things are finally starting to loosen up and open and it feels good to have a bit of normalcy coming with the spring. So wonderful to have libraries starting to open! Enjoy.

  7. Rats! I lost my comment. I was trying to say that, growing up in the UK, strawberries were highly seasonal. We didn’t grow them at home, but it was very exciting when we got some. These days, they are available pretty much all year round – which I’m not convinced is a Good Thing. Much more importantly, I do remember picking tiny, wild, strawberries from Downland when off on adventure (normally delivering secret plans) with my dad.

    1. Ah Mike, I love the thought of adventures and delivering secret plans. Yes, we have lost the art of seasonal. Maybe the change will come from grass roots level and absolutely no pun intended there. Hugs to you both. Xxx

  8. I love your many moments of serendipity stories Jane. So glad the weather has been grand for you and you’re getting out and about here and there. The sunshine is good for our souls <3 xoxox

  9. Your garden sounds lovely, Jane with bees and butterflies and pretty flowers. Such a happy result from an enquiry about getting the work done on your car! Your cream tea sounds delicious! XXxxXX <3 <3 XXxxXX

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