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Love Foundation…

Love flows across the gardens between our homes and I stood watching the dappled sunlight play this morning. My neighbour on one side is sharing her jasmine as it trails over with a lovely scent. On the other side, my neighbour’s Fuschia is in full bloom and spilling over. Both neighbours have offered to prune their plants and I’ve asked them to leave the trailing parts if that is alright with them, as it’s shared gardening and a joy to see.

Lately, there has been a re-discovery of creativity and how that flows and restores balance in my life. It is creating new connections, sharing, inspiration, ideas and experiments that all bring joy.

It started when a thoughtful friend went shopping with me and we ended up in a yarn shop. I know, it’s a shocker! We found a beautiful soft pink yarn that is crocheting up to make a new bedspread, as the old bedspread is now a throw on the sofa.

This held reminders on what brings joy into my life and after our yarn expedition, we set off a few days later to visit secondhand furniture warehouses. It was a dim and wet day, which probably did not help, but the warehouses were not holding anything inspiring for either of us. I needed a desk for my creative space and bedside units and my friend needed a towel box for her bathroom. A few of the places were open, but most were still closed after lockdown and late morning we agreed to call time and head for a wonderful cafe in Birkenhead.

Restored, we returned to our respective homes to have a ponder, as I needed to return the picnic table and bedside cabinet a loving friend had lent me when I moved here.

All sorts of strands of thought wove into a whole that afternoon. Imagined pictures started to form of furniture I could make and Preloved and eBay provided a treasure trove of options. I found and ordered four farm crates, a tabletop, two wooden trays and some chalk paint.

I washed the frames and dried them in the sunshine. Then had a great time with glue, as I had decided to do the whole thing without any screws.

I promise I will share pictures when they are completed and painted.

All this sparked an idea for a rug that I could crochet and sheer delight followed the discovery of a mill in Yorkshire that supplies Axminster yarn on spools of fabulous colours.

I was on a roll…no pun intended. What further captured my imagination and brought more joy pouring forth, was the synchronicity that flowed. Pottering about a huge DIY store, I stumbled across a wood offcuts bin. You could take anything that you need and leave a donation to the British Heart Foundation in a bucket and I found this exciting. The lady who served me at the checkout commented that she regularly loses her husband there and he brings home a variety of ‘just in case’ bits and bobs.

All this loving energy from a thoughtful friend taking me out for a change of scene. <3

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  1. petespringerauthor

    Way to go, Jane! Your project is coming along so nicely. I look forward to seeing the finished product. It’s the best feeling when we find creativity from within.

  2. This is so joyful to read. Yes how we all need a foundation of love and we need to share love’s foundation. Your creativity abounds with love. Can’t wait to see the photos of your finished projects! Xo ????

    1. Pam, thank you, for your lovely thoughts and words. I have been working today and then at each tick off my list, I have treated myself to timeout for a bit more creativity. Yes, I will share the pics when I’m done. Much <3 flowing to you. Xxxx

  3. Oh, Jane, this post is overflowing with love and creative sparks are bouncing all over the place. I love the crates and can’t wait to see the finished project. The blooms spilling over the fence, too, are just lovely and I would’ve said the same as you. In fact, our neighbor’s blooms have the same tendency and we don’t mind at all. The more blooming, the better! 🙂 Sending much love your way! ????????????????????????

    1. Lovely Lauren, you have beautiful ways of expression. <3 Here's to blooming all over and thank you for your loving words and encouragement. Much love flowing to you, my lovely friend, always. <3 <3 <3 Xxxxxxxxx

  4. I used to crochet and always had a tapestry on the go (in fact I have a box with four or five unfinished ones) you have inspired me to get the box out and find some good light.. There have been times we have had to make do and mend and when we were first married all our furniture was second hand except our bed and cooker. We also used to go out in our estate car and found some great throw outs that were waiting for bin collections including odds and ends that repainted graced our garden for many years. I am looking forward to seeing your finished furniture.. Lovely post ♥♥

    1. <3 Thank you, Sally. I hope you find it as soothing as I am. I think it's the colours too, like your beautiful new cerise header. You have sparked many memories of when I was first married and we made do. I had forgotten them. Much love flowing to you both. <3 <3

  5. What a beautiful post, Jane! You made me chuckle with “I was on a roll…no pun intended.” While in high school, my grandmother tried to teach me to crochet. I never had the patience…I wish I’d tried harder. Your post didn’t come up in my WP Reader, but thankfully I saw it on Twitter. xo

    1. Things are flowing in and out on WP, with some disappearing, so I am grateful you found this, Jill. Thank you for your lovely words. I love watching kind folk share how to do new crochet stitches on YouTube. It’s so soothing. Much love flowing to you, always. <3 Xxxx

  6. Your passion flows through your words Jane. I am looking forward to your beautiful finished masterpieces! And so happy for you for all your new ventures. Stay blessed my friend. <3 xox <3

  7. This post is so full of love and creativity, Jane! It is amazing how much a change of scene gives to us in energy and new ideas. Your shared gardening is an excellent example of neighbours working together and a loving community in action. Bedspreads, rugs, furniture! Fabulous you! <3 <3 xxXXxx

    1. Toni, thank you, lovely. I wanted to do some more bedspread crocheting yesterday, but something else got in the way. I am hopefully posting an update today. It’s so helping me maintain balance. Much love flowing to you, always. <3 xXx

  8. I am back tracking Jane, as I try and catch missed posts…. Love your wall between gardens and can see you have been busy creating a flower bed… Jasmine is beautiful scented, and I have winter Jasmine and its perfume is lovely..
    I hope the wind hasn’t played havoc today… Several of my potted plants and standard fascia’s blew over,
    Love your pretty pink yarn and your crocheting bedspread pattern looks lovely…. And of course I have not seen your finished bedside table-bookshelves…. Wonderful … Clever Girl..
    The End of the week so much different than the beginning.. Brrrrrrr…… 🙂
    Love and Hugs my friend <3 <3 <3

    1. Hello my lovely, it’s so good to hear from you and thank you for your kind thoughts. <3 Yes, there is a sharp Easterly blowing through today. <3 I hope you both have a lovely weekend. Oodles of love flowing to you both, always. <3 xxx <3 <3

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