Loving Comfort

Loving Comfort…

Loving comfort flowed in today as I looked after an elderly furry lady at the start of my dog daycare service. Her Mum called first thing and suggested we spend some time together, so when she comes to stay with me for longer it feels familiar to her. A great idea, so at lunchtime, after a gentle potter round the garden, she came and sat on my lap in the front room and we watched the world go by the window. I stroked her and we chatted about nothing important. We went back to my office and she settled into her bed and I did some work. She was so deeply fast asleep when home time came around, that I carried her out to her Mum.

A treasured friend who lives overseas and I have been emailing back and forth and she jokingly said that she didn’t want a reading, as she preferred not to know. I agree with her and it’s a subject I have pondered on. I call the sessions of support and comfort I offer ‘readings’ because that is how they are known. It gives them a skewed perception though, as I don’t do fortune-telling or predictions. We all have free will and there are many expectations, fears and desires attached to outcomes. Our choices in the here and now certainly craft the lives we go on to live, yet there are so many other variables in the mix. Not least of all, others’ choices.

My feeling is to shy away from pinning contentment on a future event happening. It’s like I’m voting my peace of mind away to a future time and it takes me out of the present moment. I don’t like it, so I don’t want to do it to anyone else.

My sessions with those who reach out for comfort and reassurance are rooted in the ‘here and now’. How emotional patterns are playing out for them, agendas of others in their circle are having an impact and circumstances out of their control, are all aspects that come through.

There are always choices on how we react and how we can settle ourselves when things get upset in our lives, especially in our current times. I channel different perspectives and views and they are geared to the present moment and wrapped in loving comfort.

Just like sitting and stroking a lovely dog as we watch the world go by.

When my furry buddy returned home I made a cup of tea and as I turned I saw the pear jar on top of my fridge. My Mum gifted it to me and shared the story of how her Great Granny, Granny and then herself, had all poached pears in it.

Loving comfort passed through the generations.

35 thoughts on “Loving Comfort…”

  1. So happy you got your fury friend sitting day.. One of many I hope dear Jane… and reading your post on your channelled insights for others, that too is what I would never do… I would tell people on the rare occasions they came for a private sitting I was not a fortune teller but a messenger that bridged worlds…
    Love that little Jar…. what memories I am sure it holds…

    Sending Love and comfort to keep you snug and warm over the weekend dear Jane.. Love and Blessings ????????

    1. You are a loving kindred spirit and I am grateful for our connection, lovely Sue. It is all about comfort isn’t it? I knew you would understand the responsibility that comes from being a bridge between two worlds for others. I talk to folk now over technology and no longer do face to face sessions. Loving energy creating more loving energy in all we do. Many blessings flowing to you both with much love, always. <3 <3 xXx <3

  2. Hi Jane – I was just wondering today about you and your connections to our furry friends. Glad to hear you’ve brought them back into your life, obviously they find great comfort with you presence. What you said about readings is so true and brought to mind something I heard recently. “Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure”. ❤️Peter – gfs

  3. Perfectly titled – loving and comfort is what it feels like when I visit here my lovely friend from ‘overseas’ <3 I'm happy to hear your doggie get together went comfortable and well. And I love the old pear jar. Oh, and now, like our mutual friend Sue Dreamwalker said – 'a messenger that bridges worlds' – now that is more my speed. I love the energy here. Hugs flowing across the pond. <3 xxx

  4. I think I just have to agree with most things you do, Jane! So sensitive of you to avoid the ‘fortune-telling’ role in your readings. I’ve never wanted to gain insight to my future – the joy of living is in the surprise! I’m still here – surprise!

  5. The owner of the little dog you looked after for the day must have been so comforted by the knowledge that all had gone well and her baby had been fast asleep! What a precious service you are giving to people who need to go into hospital or the like, but have no wish to put their dog into kennels.
    I have no wish to know the future, either. There are some things that cannot be avoided but a lot of what is to come is of our own making and your help with decisions in the here and now must be invaluable.
    Love and hugs, Jane and apologies for getting here so late xxXXxx <3 <3 <3

    1. There is no time between friends, lovely Clare, so you are never late. I feel blessed to have had some time with our loving furry soul, as she passed to spirit a few days later. I could feel no pain in her, just love and calm, which has been of some comfort to her Mum and Dad.
      Thank you for your loving thoughts and here’s to us all uplifting each other with kindness. Much love flowing to you all, always. <3 <3 <3

      1. Oh, Jane I am so sorry she passed away! I am glad you were able to comfort her Mum and Dad in their grief.
        Yes, yes! Uplifting each other with kindness!
        Much love and lots of hugs xxXXxx <3 <3

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