Loving Fellowship…

Two elderly gents walked past our home office this morning, heads bent towards each other, deep in conversation. Their dogs were walking in tandem ahead. Peace and companionship flowed from them and their care for each other was felt by us as we looked up from our desktops. A magic moment.

Returning some library books yesterday as evening was settling in, Tim and I walked up the road catching up on our news. We had several errands to run and headed off in different directions at the end of our road. The library was still and peaceful and the librarian smiled as I placed my books on the machine that automatically collects and issues books. While the beeps and flashing light signalled it was working I glanced across at some tables laden with all sorts of books. They were part of a sale where a book was 10p or you could fill a bag for £1. I wandered over and discovered a beautiful railway book full of history and photographs of steam engines and then spotted a lovely story that I know my Mum will enjoy. As I paid the librarian, a weary and dusty community policewoman came in and started chatting. She helped herself to a coffee from the staff room and took the weight off her feet in an easy chair. There was care and friendship in this routine and the librarian and policewoman were at complete ease with each other. We all smiled as I left and Tim rewarded me with a huge smile as I placed the railway book in his hands at the top of our road. Magic moments.

We are off to our first steam rally this year to show Tim’s steam roller in the beautiful county of Cornwall. There are many preparations ahead for us and fun to be had in the planning. We have also discovered that camping equipment has come on in leaps and bounds since we were children and our joy in the camping shop had the sales assistant beaming from ear to ear. We have a teapot to take with us and I will be making a steam rally tea cosy. The simple pleasure as I go through my odds and ends of yarn and plan a design is so soothing. I am picturing embroidered bumble bees and flowers, yet these ideas may change. More magic moments.

The head of a family and I stood leaning on his back gate one evening last week, looking at all the work he had done in their garden during the lockdowns. All his woodwork was a shade of muted green and his planting just happened to be white rhododendrons, hydrangeas and jasmine. He has created a haven for his family and there is love weaving throughout. We stood in silence drinking it all in. Yet more magic moments.

25 thoughts on “Loving Fellowship…”

  1. I felt as if your words wrapped me in a delightful calm! What a beautiful and loving relationship you and Tim have forged in the world, surrounded by a lush garden, and kind community. A delightful read Jane. Hugs, C

  2. Lovely peaceful post. I wonder if you are familiar with BritBox’s Gardeners World with Monty Don. He has such a gentle demeanor and all the viewer’s gardens are filled with peace and serenity. You would fit right in!

    1. Thank you, Jane. I love Gardeners World and over twenty years ago it was presented by Alan Titchmarsh. The programme is a haven of calm. Much love to you all. <3 xX

  3. Jane, it’s so wonderful to read about how your life is filled with love and enjoyment nowadays. No one deserves it more. Patty and I send our love.

  4. Hi Jane,
    What an idyllic picture you paint … Productive, but laid back, in your routines as you compliment each other.
    Your design of your new tea-cosy sounds perfect and no doubt will be the ‘ Bee’s Knees’ lol …

    Its amazing how the Universe provides, and supplies us with exactly what we need, and you seem to be manifesting all of your desires dear Jane.

    I am sure the Steam Rally be a huge success with the addition of Tim’s Steam Roller… We used to have lots of steam rally’s locally many years ago at Thorsby Hall in Nottinghamshire… I know my son who was around 10 at the time was absolutely besotted with the Steam Engines, the noise, the smoke and smell….

    I hope your Mum enjoys her book and from the smile you described I am in no doubt how pleased Tim was with your find on Railways..

    A beautiful post Jane…

    Love and Hugs my friend… From the both of us.. <3 <3 <3

    1. Hello lovely Sue, the Bees Knees made us chuckle…love it. Things were getting so hectic and confusing..I feel some dear souls only feel alive if they add to chaos. It has taken conscious choices to find the peace and keep things as simple and loving as we possibly can. Boundaries, my lovely, are love in action during these times and stepping away from technology and the noise. Anyway, I am rambling…thank you for your kind thoughts and loving friendship, always welcome. Much love flowing to you both in your peaceful corner of the world. <3 xXx <3

      1. Oh I am totally with you, I ramble often… LOL Going back to the simple, stepping back in our own space, our own energy, as we absorb our creativity. Keep enjoying your loving Fellowship <3

  5. Hi Jane,
    Appreciating those magic moments is key in living life to its fullest, and it sounds like you and Tim are doing just that. Much love to you, dear friend. xoxox

      1. And to you both, too, Jane. I haven’t seen you around blogland much lately and hoped you were doing okay…sending hugs and love your way. xoxoxoxo

  6. You two are blessed to have found one another and enjoy each other’s lives together. Enjoy the rally. I know ti will be such fun. Hugs and love your way <3 xx

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