Moments of thoughtfulness…

I crafted my monthly newsletter today and I apologise to those of you that read it, as I am sharing the same pictures here. My heart lifted as I visited the post office yesterday and I saw the egg tree outside our library. The village in bloom group has decorated the tops of our letterboxes, the trellis next to the cottage garden planters on our main road and some small trees and their thoughtfulness is much appreciated.

Thoughtfulness keeps us all going and brings uplift into our days. Thank goodness.

One of our lovely blogging buddies has passed to spirit and the thoughtfulness and loving energy that has flowed to her loved ones is humbling to see. Sue Vincent shone a bright, loving light in her life and loving thoughtfulness is reflecting back.

As the sun started to shine over Easter, neighbours started to potter in their gardens and we were allowed visitors outside. One of my neighbours decorated her garden in the spirit of The Secret Garden for a special family lunch. Her trees were filled with sparkly eggs, fabric bunting hung everywhere, there were rose trellis, old wheelbarrows and wooden planters filled with spring blooms. The loving energy her thoughtfulness created spilt over us all and smiles and kisses were blown across the gardens.

One of my Mum’s neighbours shared a dozen fresh farm eggs with her and she remembered that she used to make Lemon Curd with her Granny. A yummy pot came my way and as I sat eating some on toast yesterday evening I was filled with loving peace.

I think of all the small moments of thoughtfulness; our postmaster passing me a label and pen so I could sort a parcel out yesterday thereby saving me another journey, a friend who regularly messages with offers of food as she’s made too much, neighbours sharing garden waste bin space which we pay to have collected, a network of neighbours taking parcels in for each other, a stranger running to catch up with me in the supermarket because I’d missed a special offer and only picked up one item, a loved one saying ‘I understand’, sharing books, a friend bringing a wicker tray full of afternoon tea goodies.

Moments of thoughtfulness treasured.

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  1. A little thoughtfulness already makes such a difference and leads to much more thoughtfulness. Thank you for being so thoughtful and for sharing this wonderful piece of inspiration, Jane.

  2. These moments of thoughtfulness stay in our hearts especially in troubled times such as our current times. Beautiful post and read for this lovely Saturday morning, Jane. Sending love and hugs, dear friend. xoxo

    1. Lovely Lauren, thank you. You are a sweetheart and I hope you soon hear the sound of your loving hubbie’s bike in the driveway. I can picture you both with your early morning coffee catching up on each other’s adventures. <3 xx <3 <3

  3. It is those small things that Count Jane… and those little neighbourly acts that make all the difference in a community… as we build friendships and open our hearts in love to each other..
    I was so very sad in learning of Sue’s passing…. A great loss this side of the reality, but I am sure a great delight for those who were welcoming her home..

    Good to see your pictures and loved reading your news letter Jane…. Sending you and your Mum big hugs my friend as Spring days open up with more sun to shine…
    Lots of love from us both.. <3
    Huge Hugs to you <3 Love Sue <3

    1. Thank you, lovely Sue, for your kind thoughts. <3

      The sun is shining and buds are everywhere. Love is blossoming. <3

      Much love flowing to you both, always, with hugs. Xxx <3 <3 <3

          1. Fantastic…. I have just fetched in my laundry not long ago and now I am off to iron… One of my chores I do not always enjoy.. But I put music on to dash away with the smoothing iron lol… and dance and sing as I go…. Picture that if you will lol… While Biscuit looks at me as if I am a mad woman lol hehee….. Made you smile…
            Lots of Hugs and Love Jane .. <3

  4. Such a beautiful post,my dear Jane! Encountering thoughtfulness as we go about our daily tasks makes such a difference to the way we feel and can change the rest of the day for the better. I love the egg tree! <3 <3 <3 xxxx

    1. Hello my lovely, yes, where would we be without kindness. Much love flowing to you all and thoughts of love as sparkly eggs floating on your trees. <3 Xxx Hugs. Xx <3 <3

  5. Thank you for this wonderful postings, and reminding on the importance of kindness and thoughtfulness. The post box decoration are fantastic and funny. :-)) Have a nice rest of the week. Be will, and stay save. Michael

      1. Thank you very much, Jane! Here all is OK, beside the temperatures near the arctic ones. Lol Honestly, its not sooo icy. 😉 I hope you are well too, and stay save! Best wishes, and have a beautiful rest of the week! Michael

  6. A lovely post, Jane. Sometimes I have to turn off all the awful news on television and take the time to notice how the vast majority of people are thoughtful and kind. They are everywhere, thinking of others and sharing kindness in small and large ways. We only need to notice. Your post left me with a smile. A wonderful start to my day.

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