Nature’s peace…

The complete silence at a countryside railway station after a fresh snow fall first thing on Monday.

Nature gifts moments of peace in all her seasons.

Sock knitting and a book were packed for the journey.

I did nothing but sit looking out of the train window and ponder on how to create moments of peace in my daily round.

59 thoughts on “Nature’s peace…”

  1. I was inspired by your moments of peace and drove into the trees to sit beside the frozen lake. Peaceful, dusky gray morning. One ice fisherman setting up his ‘lucky’ spot for the day. Much love to you n this peaceful day in nature.

  2. This is a lovely way to close the year Jane; with reminders to create moments of peace that carry us through the day and build to a life of peace and contentment. May 2021 be filled with more moments of peace.

  3. This morning at 6 am we had snow falling in lovely fat flakes. It was so pretty and clean, I kind of hated to shovel the driveway and sidewalk, and ruin the effect!

  4. I was there with you on the platform, smelling the fresh crisp air, feeling the excitement of a new adventure, and reveling in the solitude of being one with nature.

  5. You created those moments of peace dear Jane, within your words, and I felt them.
    Snow here today also but it vanished by midday.
    Stay Blessed my friend. Thinking of you, and sending well wishes for our New Earth’s Beginning. πŸ’šπŸ™πŸ’›

  6. I mentally join you to share those peaceful moments, as long as BR provides. However, my oddity is that I find “peace” in distraction, organizing a drawer or cupboard. I promote these as good activities undertaken to celebrate the New Year.

    So, dear blogger, I wish you a Happy New Year. I saddle my wishes with a hope that the virus of 2020 be erased.

    1. Happy New Year, Jane, to you and your loved ones. <3 It's lovely to see you here and yes, there is peace in distraction and organising activities. A loving thing to start the new year with. Hugs to you, always. <3 Xx

  7. Thanks for sharing your peaceful thoughts and journey with us Jane. Sometimes just looking out the window can open a whole new door in our mind’s eye. Happy creativity my Lovely. <3 xoox

  8. It is essential to look out the window when riding on a train. For the peace — yes — and your view bestows peace. But for me, I admit, if I try to read on a train I get “carsick”! So then I discover how peaceful it is just to look out the window and think about nothing but the space, the silence, the …. peace. Peace to you my friend.

  9. It is a worthy way to spend time, watching nature and pondering ways to create moments of peace. Thank you for encouraging me to do more of this. I hope you have many peaceful moments in the year ahead full of love and blessings. <3

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