New chapter as a funeral celebrant…

Many apologies, as I sent my last post out entitled ‘Funeral Celebrant’. The same title as my web page and joy of joys, it is sending everyone who reads the post to my web page instead of the blog post! Such fun….hopefully, this post will correct it. Love to you all, always. xX


Last summer, Tim and I were talking about the funeral ceremonies for both our dads. Each was graced with a funeral celebrant and we were grateful to them at the time and remain so. My dad’s celebrant has become a friend who I am currently knitting socks for.

Our conversation paused and Tim said:

‘You would make a lovely celebrant.’

My heart heard him. Tim had seen a seed that was deeply buried within and I pondered on his suggestion. My experiences of writing, listening to others struggling, public speaking as a trainer and many other aspects of things I have done, all came to mind. It felt like a loving step to take and one that had been patiently waiting for its turn to come.

We had a lot going on last summer and grief from my dad’s passing was still raw, so I tucked the thought away.

As the new year dawned, I thought about it again and started researching the options online. Most celebrant courses are residential and offered over a week. The idea of being away from home did not appeal and I discovered The UK Society of Celebrants, whose courses are structured to be delivered online and are taken at your own pace. Marvellous, that will do me, I thought.

There is no such thing as a good time to start anything new, so I took a breath and dived in. On Friday, April 1, I took my final exam and qualified.

I am now out and about, homemade fruit cakes in hand, meeting funeral directors and managers of crematoriums and chapels. It is a form of later life networking and I am enjoying it. I am also thriving on searching for words, poems and lyrics that speak to those who are grieving. More than anything, I am grateful for the loving support I am surrounded by and the grace of being seen for who I am.

Full details can be found by clicking the card above…

37 thoughts on “New chapter as a funeral celebrant…”

    1. Annette, thank you so much lovely. I am not surprised you serve in this way and I bet you are such a comfort and so capable. Congratulations, on your 20th year as a celebrant. <3 xXx

  1. Dearest Jane… I am delighted that you are following your heart and I can think of no one better to help those in grief… For your love and compassion will be like a rock, as you help guide them through their sad loss..
    Loved your video and the poem you chose..
    For some reason I am not getting updates, so I will subscribe again using a different email and hope I receive them…

    And your other website holds grace and peace both in words and presentation..

    Love and hugs
    Sue <3 <3

    1. Dearest Sue, I am humbled and touched by your loving words and thoughts. You are a special soul and it is a huge blessing to share our connection with you and your hubbie. You touched on a core need at the moment, of golden silence, in your latest post and yes, we are entering into planting season. Much love flowing to you both, from both of us, always. <3 xXx <3

    1. Ohh John, thank you. Tim and I were only saying yesterday that we wished we lived closer to you and your girls. Many slow cook suppers and walks full of laughter and interesting chats. Much love to you and your girls. <3 xXx

  2. What a beautiful, beautiful way to be there for those who lost a loved one. I can imagine well that you are perfect for this. To tell from your words, you are fully on purpose. Congratulations to the passed exam, Jane!

  3. petespringerauthor

    Much luck to you in your new venture, Jane. I watched your YouTube video from your previous post. I think your life experiences will give you a leg up to help people figure out what they like to have happen as their loved ones pass.

    1. Thank you, Pete, for you kind thoughts and wishes and for looking at my website and video. I appreciate all your support and kindness. Much love flowing to you both, always. <3 Xxx

  4. I am so impressed with the way you open your heart to what’s right – to what you can add to (and help with) in this world. You seem like a perfect funeral celebrant to me: caring, loving, spiritual, intuitive and empathetic. I applaud your decision and congrats on your certification! <3

    1. Ohh Pam, your thoughts and words are so touching and I am humbled. Thank you, my lovely, for your love and support. Much love flowing to you all, always. <3 xXx

  5. I am so glad you listened to the wisdom in your heart, Jane. You will be perfect for this new role you have chosen. Your calm demeanor, kindness, loving outlook, and skill with soothing words will benefit those who are grieving. Congratulations on qualifying and doing something for the good in this crazy world. Big hugs to you, my friend. xoxo
    p.s. Like John, I, too, wish we lived closer. 🙂

    1. Your kind thoughts and words are uplifting, as always, lovely Lauren. Thank you. <3 We were saying that we wished we lived closer and we have every intention of coming to see you on our trip, which is probably next year at the earliest. Much love flowing to you all, always. <3 xXx <3

      1. You’re very welcome, Jane, and that would be awesome if we could see each other next year. Much love and many hugs flowing to you as well. 💕🌺💕🌺

  6. You are the ultimate person for this job UB. God has given you gift and you now will share with those in need. I could surely use your gift with me here, many times over. Congrats on your tireless energy and huge heart. <3 xoxo

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