Our hearts take pictures…

The need to quieten the hubbub has been a call felt by both of us. Leaving our phones at home, we have discovered grace.

Early one evening, we stepped out into the rain to explore the local streets. There are a few houses that are sitting empty and a smattering of ‘For Sale’ boards. Some businesses stay shuttered and the local library remains closed, yet all the gardens are in full bloom and filled with scented roses.

Yesterday evening at dusk, we went to a quiet beach with Liverpool’s skyline across the water and picked up a few shells, sea glass and worn pebbles from the sand. There were not many folks about and even the seagulls and sandpipers cried with muted calls. On our desks, the beach’s treasures now nestle in little pots.

At lunchtime today, we sat on a windswept bench, whipped by a sea-salted wind, observing the kite surfers do battle upon a choppy sea.

Our hearts took pictures.

Each time we have returned home restored, carrying a deep peace found away from noise filled technology.

48 thoughts on “Our hearts take pictures…”

  1. You made my heart and spirit swing with you. Your lines took me deep into a peaceful silence, so aligning. Amazing! Thank you for that, Jane 💖

  2. It’s always nurturing to put down the tech and connect with nature. Kudos on slowing and savoring the moment Jane. Maybe I’ll leave my phone next hike and try taking some heart photos!

  3. What a beautiful description of searching out our own peace and restoration! LEAVE THE PHONE HOME! I love this Jane and lucky you to live close to the shore, water is so healing. Love to you, C

  4. We are nature, surely as the Roses blooming unattended. All we need is given us at birth, the trapping we place on life only create separation from this simple truth … Lovely ❤️

  5. petespringerauthor

    We all need days like this, Jane, to remember what’s most important in life. Our first job is to cake care of ourselves and nurture our souls.

  6. What a beautifully peaceful picture you have painted with your words, Jane! Phones can be so intrusive and even just taking photos of the lovely things we see on our journeys can separate us from the moment.
    Lots of love and hugs to you my dear friend xxXXxx <3 <3 <3

  7. We went to the beach last night and had a similar experience here on the other side of the Atlantic. Like deep forests and mountains, natural bodies of water are strong antidotes to technology. The sea-salted air is medicine for the soul.

    1. I am so glad you went to the beach together, JoAnna. I think it was Grandfathersky who taught me that sea-salted air cleanses our auras. Much love flowing to you both. XXx <3

  8. I love that phrase Jane, “Our heart took pictures”. That is so perfectly beautiful. Love flowing to you my unicorn buddy <3 xoxo

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