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I was warned a few years ago that the cataract growing in my left eye would need to be operated on and the time is now. Given all that is going on in the world, I am filled with gratitude that care and operations are still going ahead here. I was unusually anxious as I set out for my pre-op assessment yesterday and not exactly embracing what lay ahead.

The instructions were clear and I was not allowed to drive afterwards, so I checked Google maps and saw a train station and a fair walk would bring me to the clinic. Off I set on a lovely sunny afternoon.

I stood outside the station absorbing the sight of a steep, and long, hill in front of me and acknowledged that Google maps appear flat!

Half an hour later, glowing (as they say ‘horses sweat, men perspire and women glow), I arrived at the back entrance to the clinic site. I wished I had taken a taxi or phoned a friend.

Entering the site through a beautiful stone archway, the modern clinic building nestles beside an old church, church hall and community centre on lovely landscaped grounds. It was so peaceful and I sat down on one of the benches. The bees were busy in the roses beside the church, a pharmacy was operating beside the old church hall and people were chatting quietly as they waited to be served. Folk were cycling to and fro and the car park was dotted with trees.

Inside, it is a bright and welcoming space with the eye clinic on the top floor. There was an escort and he chatted about the way they are keeping everywhere sanitised and how I would be cared for. He took the time to help me complete the forms. All the people who carried out the assessment stages were kind and gentle, so the peace gifted from the churchyard continued. They even laughed when I opened my distance glasses case and it was empty. I’d left them in the car console back home!

In 1861, it was where the Union Workhouse was built and then in 1866, a hospital was added. In 1948, the whole site became St. Catherine’s hospital. In 2009, it was revamped to become the largest community health care facility delivered in the North West of England for many years. The architects and planners have done a wonderful job of marrying the old with the new and the way the facility is being run are sympathetic to their vision.

If I’d gone by taxi, I’d have arrived at the front entrance and missed the wonder at the back.

‘Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there.’ ~ Rumi

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  1. Imagining all went well, since this is “post op” … Most tell me it is amazing how the vision improves. My turn is coming … Hope all is well, nd the trip home uneventful. Sending healing vibes your way❤️

    1. It was pre-op, Pete. Oh flip, have I written post? I’ll keep you posted. Op in two weeks time. Apparently, I have one coming in my right eye now. Very rude! Anyway, in the next few years when that has also been done, I won’t need my distance glasses anymore. Imagine… <3 Xxxx

  2. Jane I know family members who had the surgery and their lives were much improved with no glasses anymore! I know it’s scary, but I will keep you in my prayers! Big hugs

  3. petespringerauthor

    I’ve had several friends who have had successful cataract surgery and have remarked about how much their vision has improved. I know that I’ll do it when it comes to that. All of our senses are vital, but vision is the one that I’d least like to lose. Much luck to you moving forward, Jane.

  4. Hi Jane, I hope the surgery went well. Do they operate on one eye at a time. My mom had cataract surgery and it was two operations, one for each eye. Thanks for your lovely description of the clinic.

    1. Thank you, Robbie and yes, they do one eye at a time. My left one is bad, but the right one is a couple of years off being done. I hope it made a big difference for your Mum? <3 Xxx

  5. My husband was done years ago and had one eye tuned for near vision and one for far vision. But he still wears eye glasses (glass not lensed) because he has worn them his whole life and felt too uncomfortable without them. I had mine done just before Covid hit. I now have great far vision and cheap reading glasses strewn around the house. Good luck – it is scary to have someone operate on one’s eye(s) but everyone who I know who has had the surgery says that it was “a piece of cake.” Here’s wishing t he same for you.

  6. I’ve had both eyes done Jane. It’s an absolute miracle. From about 30 yards out in front of me I was starting to see double. The center line in the highway would split in two ahead of me. In golf , after I hit the ball, suddenly there would be two balls to follow. Sadly, neither of them even landed on the green. Seriously, I went from 20/40 eyesight back to 20/15 overnight. You will love the results!

    1. Thank you, my Bro. You are lovely and witty at the same time. A treat. I am grateful it can be sorted, as the sight in my left eye is cloudy now. Much love to you both. <3 xXx

  7. I love your observation about what you would have missed if you hadn’t… Life’s full of them, isn’t it? I’d be scared – but all will be well, Jane; thousands have the same op every year.

    1. Yes, Mike, life is full of them and what adventures and moments they create. I think I’m scared because I can’t close my eyes while they do it. That’s my normal fallback position, as I can go off into my world then. I saw all the patients who were coming out of surgery on Thursday afternoon and every single one was smiling. <3 to you both. Xxx

  8. Father God, I lift up my friend Jane as she has cataract surgery. Guide the surgeon and give her peaceful rest in the days leading up to her operation. I ask that you heal her body quickly and provide the support she needs in the days ahead.

  9. nothing like working up a good glow. best of luck with the procedure. I’ve been told I will need to do the same, sooner rather than later…

    1. I wish you all the best with your procedure, Jim. I didn’t realise how compromised my sight was, till they showed me in the hospital. I hold gratitude for all of this, as I know you do. Xxx

  10. Your experience turned out to be pleasant even though the purpose was the opposite, Jane. And like you said, you would’ve missed it all. I’ll keep you in my prayers for a successful surgery. And what a lovely story that was born…sending hugs! xo

  11. Yes my first eye will be operated on June 23 and my daughter who is a theatre nurse tells me she was in theatre when they did eleven almost like a production line as it happens so fast and there is a high success rate. So I’m anticipating being able to see much more clearly now but have been warned no TV, computers or IPads for a while until the eye heals and adjusts so will be offline for a while.

    1. Wishing you every success for your surgery on Wednesday and I am sure it will make a big difference to your life. Wrapping you in love. Hugs for you both. I hold you in my prayers. <3 Xxx

  12. Good luck with the surgery, Jane. I am sure it will be fine and painless. I took Mum for both of her cataract ops at the beginning of 2020 (so glad all was done before the lockdown) and from being virtually blind she can now see very well again. I remember her walking with the nurse out of the surgery and sitting down next to me saying she was a little dazzled by the bright light they used. She then turned to me and a look of amazement came over her face. ‘I can see your lovely face!’ she said to me, which brought tears to my eyes as she hadn’t seen me properly for nearly a year. All will be well, my dear friend xxxx <3

  13. Don’t worry my friend. My George had both eyes done, not even a complaint. He had them done 3 months apart. You will be fine and for the better after it. <3 xoxoo

  14. Grace and gratitude. xo I love this beautiful embrace of a journey that so many miss. Keeping you in my prayers for your upcoming surgery. Thank you, Jane, for sharing. xo

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