Planting Hope…

I have long held the perspective that there is never a good time to start something new and no such thing as ideal, normal or perfect timing.

As this new year dawned, I was flat out helping my Mum create a new chapter in her life when I had a dream. It was one of those vivid dreams full of detail and absolute certainty it could be made real. I started to jot down ideas and flesh out a framework, which I could fill in when I had time. Marvellous! I love the energy around a new creative project and the sparks of hope it carries, as I find it uplifting and inspiring.

My dream was to create a series of online courses that are downloadable and lovingly support people who face life challenges.

I find nature, gardening and creativity nurture and foster inner calm, so it will come as no surprise that my courses all carry natural energy. Seeds of Change, the first three-module course in the Planting Hope series, is now available online and flows information and practical support for those wishing to make changes in their lives.

I chose not to look at others’ courses, as I wanted to be authentic whilst using three principles of learning; reading, hearing and doing. There is a bewildering array of software packages that edit the videos, create captions, produce graphics & worksheets, and learning platforms to house the courses and selling & marketing facilitators and as a consequence, my brain has become scrambled in the last few months. I recently heard a well-known songwriter comment on how he thrived during lockdown with limited options nurturing his creative focus. I thrive on limited options when I need to create something.

Software choices were made, alongside a few backtracks, when things did not pan out as expected. Lessons on trusting instinct and how often companies’ marketing spiel does not tally with their product’s capabilities.

Seeds of Change is live and I am on-hand to flow in loving help when needed.

Planting Hope ~ Seeds of Change is available here…

My mind is already teeming with ideas for the next course in the Planting Hope series and it is now simply a case of watching this space…

Jane Sturgeon

35 thoughts on “Planting Hope…”

  1. What a wonderful venture Jane. You are always full of so much inspiration. May you enlighten many others in this new creative endeavour. Hugs flowing to you. <3 xox <3

  2. Oh, Jane! What a fantastic project! I do wish you good fortune with it. I am constantly amazed at your ability to find new paths to follow. Keep well and safe in these strange times xxXXxx <3 <3

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