How Spirit & I Work Together For You

Your guides are always waiting for you to ask for help and guidance and as I connect with them, my guides are also there for you. They all come together to send their messages through my channel to you and everything is flowed with love and care.

In the present moment, I am shown what is happening for you and how this is affecting you emotionally. I also link in to the situations and emotional energies of those who are closely connected to you.

Through this work you will be shown the patterns which affect your life and changes that can be brought about to create a life that you choose. We are all blessed with free will and spirit are here to help and guide with love. 

I offer this service on a ‘pay what you can afford’ basis.

Your donation will come through and I will email you as soon as I can and we can arrange to speak or instant message over Skype or Facebook Messenger or we can communicate back and forth through email. I am flexible and it is about finding a way that works for you.