Seeds of Self-Belief…

The tree surgeons are here doing some work in our garden and they have a natural flow as they work. It is like watching a dance, with pauses for thumbs-up and smiles as we hold mugs and the biscuit tin up against the window. Our neighbours are lovely and we are thankful for their grace, as the traffic jams from the collection of extra vehicles and the noise being generated are intrusive. Their work is letting so much light into the garden, we feel like we are living in a different house.

Grace is a gift.

There have been a lot of spinning plates to nurture since Christmas and we have looked at taking some down from their poles. It is six weeks since we took a blogging break and this has graced us with time for reflection. Our ‘Two Views’ postbag has quietened down and we have taken the decision to answer the few messages that are still coming in privately and to stop publishing our weekly column. It has been a great thing to do and Tim and I have learned a lot, and we are grateful to you for turning to us for advice, for trusting us, and to you all for reading, supporting all concerned and commenting.

Touching upon one of Fred Dibnah’s sayings, I have been ‘bashing a bit off’ the creation of my online courses and have launched a new one today. The poll I ran at the end of last year showed ‘Self-Belief’ as the top course choice and the Planting Hope ~ Seeds of Self-Belief course is now available. It is a ten module course, including an introduction, accompanying video and conclusion. Each module is delivered daily by email, for a total cost of £19.99 and includes access to a private online group for support and further guidance.

Self-Belief is not something we can measure or add to with any formula. It is held within a sacred space, and we alone nurture and care for it. The core of self-belief is sustained by how you talk to and treat yourself. Creating a foundation inside you that no outside circumstances can affect. Wrapped in love and maintained by how you see yourself. Logic does not build self-belief and confidence. Actions driven by emotions do, as emotions create feelings and that is the energy that drives you on.

Each module is created to show you different tools you can use in your every day, which empower you to build and bolster your self-belief. Not looking to outside sources to do it for you but to create your own inner space gaining belief and trust in yourself, no matter who says what or whatever happens. A perfect storm could be raging in your outer world, but you hold the faith and trust in yourself that you can handle whatever comes towards you because you can.

The tree surgeons are packing up for the day, in preparation for their return tomorrow, and there is a comforting aroma coming from our evening meal simmering in the slow cooker. Loving energy has flowed through today, and we are continuing to ‘bash a bit off’ our projects.

25 thoughts on “Seeds of Self-Belief…”

    1. Thank you for your support, John. I’ll let you know the next time I’ve got a meal in the slow cooker and invite you and your girls to join us. How lovely that would be. <3

  1. Welcome back, Jane, and it sounds like you and Tim are in a calm place, except, of course, for the tree surgeons. But grace is a blessing, isn’t it? I will miss reading your advice, but we all know when the time has come to pause. I knew that I’d feel it in my heart when to return to blogging. I think it’s wonderful that we made the same decision. Mental telepathy. 🙂 Sending hugs, dear friend. xoxoxo

    1. Grace is a special energy and so welcome. Synchronicity that we have returned on the same day. Strangely, I had no plan. I just felt drawn, as you did. Sending hugs to you, always. <3

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