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We disappeared to a cosy cottage in Snowdonia, Wales, last weekend and took our time returning home on Monday. High above the sea, life graced us with spectacular views, wild weather, picnics in the car, deserted stations on restored steam railways and peace, for which we are grateful. The break has done us the world of good.

New perspectives are created from observing different views, changes in routine, and asking questions and I always feel better for shaking things up a bit and looking at other angles. Last month saw the launch of my latest course, Seeds of Self-Belief, and a large part of the content was inspired by observing how my beloved is handling an ongoing and challenging situation.

His self-belief is rooted in a solid foundation created in childhood and self-awareness of his life values and interests. His life values are born from an open, loving heart and nurtured with kindness. No matter what others say or do, his heart stays open and loving, which takes enormous strength of character and courage not to dip into bitterness and anger and then stay there. As a child, he was encouraged to pursue his interests, which have grown into passions during adulthood, and further fuel his self-belief and confidence.

There are many labels in our society and a crushing need for judgment which is growing exponentially. I pray we manage to douse this trend with kindness and stem the tide. I have always viewed passion for an interest or hobby as love in action and find it jarring that some others choose to label passion as eccentricity, obsession or nuttiness. Our passions shape and nurture us, as well as bring solace in times of need.

It is a gift to have carried self-belief from childhood, and that is not always the case for many, yet it can be created afresh, built and nurtured at any stage of life. It is held within and as adults, we can learn how to build and care for it.

I am grateful to Tim, for inspiring me with fresh perspectives on self-belief and confidence and for keeping the loving energy flowing in our home.

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  1. petespringerauthor

    As one who tries to promote kindness and belief in one’s self, I love this post, Jane! Even though I’ve never met Tim, he sounds like a special man. I’m glad you’ve got each other in your lives.

  2. It is much easier to resign and excuse everything with outer circumstances and diseases. Of course, some battles are really hard to lead but still, looking ahead and beyond the challenge is the only way to motivate and strengthen yourself AND still bring some quality in your life. I am happy for you to have such a strong role model by your side. And I am happy for Tim that he refuses to let bitterness take over and destroy his joy.

    1. Thank you, Erika, for your fabulous comment. You have gone right to the heart of this, as we look forward and beyond as a way of rooting ourselves in love. Much love flowing to you, always. <3 xXx

      1. I just have seen people who talked themselves into worse conditions as they actually were in. So, the look forward is all that matters. Thank you and much love to you too 💖

        1. Yes, Erika, there is a another element to this too. Those who care about us are trying to get us to talk about what’s happening and we choose not too. In our view it generates more energy around the very thing we do not want to dwell on. <3

          1. That’s so so very true! That is one of the reasons people don’t want others to know about health issues since that will always be the first thing they are asked about. The attention then only circles around the undesired object. So, yes, that is an important input you mentioned here, Jane!

  3. Your getaway sounds wonderful, Jane, and Tim sounds like an amazing partner. I love this post and all it encompasses, and I hope the situation becomes less challenging with each day. Much love, dear friend. xoxoxo

  4. This was lovely Jane. And observing, as a writer’s hobby that comes naturally to us, definitely gives us varied perspectives. Sending love flowing your way my UB xoxo <3 xx

  5. Hi Jane, a lovely post. I am glad you had a lovely trip away. A lot of criticism and judgement is due to either resentment or jealously. I’ve always felt that jealously is one of the most destructive human emotions.

    1. Thank you, Robbie and I hope you had a good trip last weekend? Yes, I agree, that jealousy, anger, bitterness, contempt and resentment are all destructive and sour the vessel that carries them. Xx <3

  6. I’m very happy for the loving energy flowing in and around you and Tim full of quiet strength. Peace and Blessings to you both. <3

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