Taking Chances…

At eight years old, my thoughtful Grandad took me to the library and gave me his lending card. I chose some storybooks and clearly remember how grown-up I felt as we walked home together. Under the glow of the landing light, I carried on reading long after I had been tucked up for sleep.

In the library of life, opportunities and ideas abound and whichever ones we choose, they come into being when we pour energy into them. New stories are created and join the stories sitting on our shelves. Current popular thinking to ‘stay in the moment’ admonishes us to keep ourselves in the present, yet it supports and nurtures us to take some old stories from our shelves, blow the dust off and remember what happens when we take a chance on something new.

The little girl I once was had no idea what stories she would create yet she knew that stories mattered. The fabric of life is woven with them and new ones spring from the foundation of the old.

The courage to take chances on anything outside of our comfort zone is birthed in vulnerability and owning our old stories.

Tim and I met back in February when he came to check over a steam locomotive that my Dad had built. We discovered we could talk about anything and shared an innate understanding of similar experiences. Leaning into vulnerability forged a bond that has carried us through to this point. In the early days, I recall sharing a quote from Rumi; ‘Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.’ It gifted us a safe space to grow together and we chose to fill our field with sunflowers. Sunflowers wisely follow the sun and as we flow warmth to each other, our field nurtures, always. We now have a painting of a sunflower field in our home, as a reminder that we took a chance on ‘us’.

There are many remote freelance writing jobs and it is obvious from the role specifications that it is hard to explain what the companies, groups and individuals are looking for. They are taking a chance on finding a writer who is the right fit, and writers are taking a chance as they find the words to make their pitch.

Whether we can do something new or not is unknown. Old stories paint the picture and gift the confidence that we can try, as new books are waiting to be written and read. We choose the ink and craft the tale.

34 thoughts on “Taking Chances…”

  1. petespringerauthor

    Life is amazing! I’m glad that Tim has come into your life. I recall your post about the steam locomotive that your dad had built. Who knew at the time that this would be the vehicle to bring someone special into your life? I have to think your dad would be pleased.

    1. Thank you, Pete. Yes, my Dad would be pleased and Tim’s Dad. His legacy meant that Tim could fulfill a childhood dream and now he has a steam roller and a steam locomotive, both built by my Dad. We’re planning on doing steam rallies next year. I may get a boiler suit! Hugs to you both. <3

  2. Yes, we create stories, sequels, and twists. We add to our book of life but can never erase a page. We can only add something to the story that makes the page, we wanted to erase, meaningful.

  3. You are right in saying that to get the most out of life we must take chances and we do need to use our past experiences to guide us on our journey. I am so happy that you and Tim have found each other. Love and hugs xxXXxx <3 <3 <3

  4. Beautiful post on taking chances, Jane, and I’m so happy for you and Tim. I wish you much love, joy, and the warmth of millions of sunflowers as your relationship grows. ❤️🌻

  5. Beautiful story Jane. The universe does work in mysterious ways and it wouldn’t surprise me if it was your dad that arranged that coincidence for you and Tim to meet on his common ground. I’m so happy for you both. May the love continue to flow. <3 oxoxox <3

    1. Yes, the universe is mysterious, my lovely UB. Tim’s Dad left him a legacy that meant he could buy a steam engine. Fulfilling a dream from childhood. We feel both our Dad’s were flowing us together from spirit. Wrappng you in huge love, always. <3 xXx <3 <3

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