Two Views ~ Friday 12th November 2021

It is a beautiful, bright sunny day here and it makes our hearts sing to see the sunlight catching the golden colours of Autumn. Our postbag has been varied again this week and we highlight a few here and privately answer the rest. Love to you all. Tim & Jane. x

I have been trying to meet someone and date and it is not going well. I have tried a few online dating sites and they are not happy places to spend time. I am now based at home working, so I don’t get a chance to meet many people. Have you got any ideas? WT, Birmingham

Tim: You need to meet someone in reality, not in the virtual. Get out there and find them.

Jane: Hello WT, ‘hats off’ to you for taking the initiative and actively looking to spend time with someone. It can be off-putting with the online dating sites, as much can be hidden behind screens! Have you had a think about your hobbies and the groups you could join? Maybe initially joining them for one meet-up will give you a chance to check them out. There are more than likely to be social groups that meet up in your local area to visit the cinema or go walking together. Even changing the time of day, you do your grocery shopping to a busier slot after you have finished working, could put you amongst other singles. Tricky to smile behind a mask, but eyes meeting across an aisle can be romantic. Gifting yourself a screen or phone break during your working day and taking a walk around the block may help. Good luck. Hugs. X

I have a set career path in my job as an accountant, which could be for life if I wanted. I have responsibilities at home and am keenly aware of them. Over the last few years, the need to paint has been growing inside me. I dream of canvases I could create and landscapes I can visit and capture in colour. The dreams and ideas I have are making me feel unsettled as I could happily paint all the time. I feel torn. Can you help? MB, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Tim: If you don’t do anything about achieving your dreams, you’ll regret it. Make a start as a hobby.

Jane: Hello MB, this is your soul trying to gain your attention to do something that speaks to you. A creative need to be followed. Can you spare any time during your day or week to set some time aside to start exploring this? It does not have to be an ‘all or nothing’ scenario. A notebook where you can jot or draw your ideas down is a wonderful starting point. Try creating a space in your home, where you can paint. Gift yourself a starting set of pencils, paints, and a canvas or two. Experiment capturing the scenes you see in your dreams. Suspend all judgment on what appears on the canvas, as there is no right or wrong here. It is all about gifting yourself the time to explore and discover how you feel drawn to paint. Your soul’s cry is worthy of being heard. Hugs. X

Please feel free to send your questions to and we wish you all a lovely week to come.

Tim & Jane. X

14 thoughts on “Two Views ~ Friday 12th November 2021”

  1. I think it is not as easy to meet people as Tim’s response suggests… (at least it wouldn’t be for me)

    and I think people can do both – have a career and a hobby…

    1. If we can get out and enjoy our hobbies, it’s a rising energy that lifts us all, isn’t it, Jim? Yes, it is always nurturing to make room for hobbies. Hugs for you all. xXx

  2. Wonderful advice from you both. Jane you have such a loving way of delivering your messages, and while Tim’s versions are always shorter, his answers pack a punch. I’m enjoying this series. Hugs flowing to you. <3 xoxo UB

  3. I can easily relate to both of these topics and like your answers, especially the ones about exploring hobbies and interests. Returning to my creative interests and love of nature, along with loving my true self brought the best gifts ever. Thank you for encouraging people through challenges.

    1. Hello JoAnna, thank you for your lovely comment. It is about love, especially for ourselves and what we love to do. Heart messages from the soul. Much love to you and David. <3 xXx

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