Two Views ~ Friday 17 September 2021

Hello and welcome to another Friday edition of our advice column. We hope you are all well and taking care of each other. Tim & Jane. X

I feel anxious most of the time. I have never felt like this before and all the usual things I do to help myself aren’t working. I am not sure what to try next. SD – Florida

Tim – We’ve all been through the mill over the last 18 months, and it will take quite some time to adjust to the new normal. Take each day as it comes. I often dive into an old book to find something familiar and reassuring.

Jane – Hello SD, I feel for you and want you to know that you are not alone in feeling like this. Everyone can admit to feeling more vulnerable in these times and that is giving rise to feelings of anxiety. It is natural for you to feel like this and no wonder, that your usual ways to soothe yourself are not helping. Maybe when you are out for a walk or sitting quietly, have a ponder on something new you’d like to try. Something that feels soothing and is small enough to try easily. In nature or stillness, your heart will let you know if it feels balanced for you. Trying something new, even a change in your daily routine, gives your body a chance to rest and helps you feel at ease. Doing something with your hands gifts the brain a rest and helps you to be creative at the same time. It may be wise to have a chat with your doctor, just in case there is more going on, as you say this is unusual for you. Please know that you can reach out if you want to talk this through, as I can always listen. Hugs X

Money is tight right now and going out faster than I can make it. I am working but need to make extra money and have been researching all sorts of working from home options. Most of them have bad reviews and people appear to be working hard for little money, so I don’t want to slip down that sinkhole. Do you have any suggestions?  TM – Yorkshire

Tim – I was in a tight financial spot a few years ago. I found it easier to reduce the expenses that could be reduced as it’s too easy to become reliant on Over Time hours at work.

Jane – Hello TM, it is admirable that you have done your research, as that is time well spent. Sometimes, when we’re worried, we overlook the simple solutions. How about looking at what you are good at? Skills and experience that you can use to help someone else who has the cash to pay you but not the time or skills to do it for themselves? Whatever your skills are you can look at asking around or advertising locally or researching on the internet for freelance boards and groups. Whichever way you choose to go, it will bolster your confidence and build up your experience. I wish you all the best. Hugs X

I find myself getting little done these days. I seem to start all sorts of things and lose interest quickly. Nothing is getting finished and there are piles of messy everywhere. It’s leaving me feeling a bit rubbish.  JJ – Edinburgh

Tim – Sounds like it’s time for a clear-out. Clear the decks to clear your mind.

Jane – Hello JJ, I feel you need a hug, as you are being hard on yourself, lovely. There’s nothing wrong with trying different things and you will have been learning as you go. Nothing is ever wasted. I wonder what your ‘Why?’ is for starting each new thing? If you are trying things because you think you should, then that could be why you are losing interest in them. If something appeals to you, maybe just pausing a little while to have a think about your ‘Why?’ and what you hope to get out of it, will help. It’s alright to try different things because they will lead you to something that sparks for you. You could make a project out of storing away the tools and equipment you have acquired and that will gift you a tidy up as well. Maybe join a group of similar folk and gift a few things on? Maybe joining a few groups will help you to feel supported and encouraged as you try something new. Gift yourself permission to clear your space and keep what you choose, then have another try at something else or maybe a different version of something you have already tried. Keep exploring, JJ, it is worth it. You are worth it. Hugs X

Thank you to everyone who wrote to us this week, as we appreciate your trust. It is lovely to connect with you all.

Please feel free to send your questions to and we wish you all a lovely week to come.

Tim & Jane. X

21 thoughts on “Two Views ~ Friday 17 September 2021”

  1. You are offering and giving such a valuable support. I love how you focus on different things and together your advice sums everything up. Thanks for sharing since there are more out there who may struggle with similar things. Wonderful, Jane!

  2. Great advice Tim and Jane. JJ needs to take a walk in his beautiful city. Maybe just buy a tour pass and revisit all the lovely spots and drink in the good fortune of living there.

  3. This is such a wonderful help column Jane, not just for the questioners but for all of us to take something. Love and hugs flowing to you. <3 xxxx

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