Two Views ~ Friday 8th October 2021

Happy Friday to you all and we hope you have had a good week? We have moved to our new home and are ‘bashing a bit off’ our list each day, as we settle in. I love that saying and it comes from Fred Dibnah, one of Tim’s heroes. Our postbag is varied and we’re sharing two and privately replying to the rest. Tim & Jane. X

I am in my mid-twenties, with a huge student loan and can only afford a tiny, damp flat. I need to live in London as that is where my work is, but I feel like I will never get enough money together to afford better living conditions. KL, London

Tim: House Share is the answer. Relatively cheap and great fun!

Jane: Hello KL, my motherly heart immediately wants you moved out of a damp flat. Have you considered shared accommodation? It’s a great way of having your own bedroom and sometimes an en-suite bathroom with shared living space and bills. The adverts show the age range of other housemates, and your instinct will guide you to where you feel contented. Have a look at Hugs X

My partner wants to take up stock car racing. I am afraid that he will get hurt or worse. The club he wants to join is male orientated and I am not welcome, so I also feel like he will be away from home (and me) for hours at a time. I am aware that I am taking this personally, but I just don’t know how to stop myself from feeling like this. GH, Doncaster

Tim: Stock car racing is a great hobby and a relatively cheap way to get into motorsport. These days it’s also very safe. I imagine he’d be thrilled if you joined him and supported him on race days.

Jane: Hello GH, it is natural to feel anxious about change and given our current conditions, that will feel heightened. It’s vital for each partner in a relationship to feel seen and able to follow their dreams. You could try asking him if you could help him in any way and then have a ponder on the free time you will have. There is an option of you becoming a stock car racer, but if this doesn’t appeal, you could have a wonderful time exploring all the different things you could do. I can see you sharing wonderful conversations together about the new experiences you are having. Who knows what possibilities this will open up for you both? Hugs X

Please feel free to send your questions to and we wish you all a lovely week to come.

Tim & Jane. X

34 thoughts on “Two Views ~ Friday 8th October 2021”

    1. Thank you, David, for your kindness and support. You are a loving soul. Huge hugs flowing across The Dee to you. We’ve moved to Great Sutton, so as the crow flies we can all wave to each other. <3 xXx

  1. My son moved into a shared housing location near the University of Florida 5 years ago, and loves the community, what we’ve grown to call his tribe. As humans we should not be alone, great advice to KL !

  2. Jane, I love your constructive and empathetic tipps. It is very interesting to see the different angles you and Tim are looking at the questions.

  3. I am just entering a comment here as I have followed you through Twitter for awhile now. I have the name Sturgeon in my ancestry!

  4. Hi Jane, this is a great post, it is lovely to read the concerns and your answers to them. I would personally ditch a guy who wanted to get that involved in a male dominated sports. Down the line it becomes you sitting at home with the kids while he’s out enjoying himself and that would not work for me.

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