Jane Sturgeon 'Writing On Water: Self Awareness'

Writing on Water – Self-Awareness; review by James J. Cudney IV ‘This Is My Truth Now’

I am touched and humbled that Jay has taken the care and time to review my book. Thank you, Jay. This feels like blowing my own trumpet, yet I want to acknowledge his support.

Jay’s web site is jam-packed with information, advice, reviews, his own books and is well worth a visit. <3

Jay’s Wonderful Site

James Cudney IV

38 thoughts on “Writing on Water – Self-Awareness; review by James J. Cudney IV ‘This Is My Truth Now’”

  1. Dear Jane,
    Lovely introductory review. Looking forward to the full review Jay said was coming soon.
    Congratulations on getting your first book done and out there!!
    Quite an accomplishment!


  2. Jane, what a wonderful and thoughtful review of your book by Jay! ???? It means so much when someone β€˜gets’ your book and writes about it so eloquently! You must be so happy! ????

    1. Ohh Annika, absolutely. I had to read it a few times. I am so touched by what he’s done and the care he has taken. I know that you know exactly what that means. Our Global Village as Grandfathersky calls it, is a special place. Hugs for you. <3 Xx

  3. Jane… my dear friend.. You have every right to Blow your own Trumpet my friend.. And I look forward to reading James Review… How could it not be glowing with someone like you who holds such Light..
    Much love my friend… Have a good week ahead…. <3 Hugs from us Both..

  4. This is an excellent review, Jane! I read it first via FB when you first shared it and have just read it again. He has got right to the heart of your book and understands why you’ve written it. Congratulations!
    <3 <3 xxXXxx <3 <3

    1. I feel humbled by what Jay has written and yes, he truly took his time over this. Huge hugs to you and thank you for all your support, my lovely friend. Wishing you all a lovely weekend, with hugs and much <3 <3 <3

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